We believe in sustainable revival. As surely as a child needs to be taught to brush his or her teeth, make their bed and comb their hair consistently and intentionally on a daily basis, we believe children also need to be trained how to walk in the things of God from the earliest of ages.

As parents and teachers, we make a deliberate attempt to create an atmosphere where children can encounter the presence of God: teaching them to hear God’s voice, intercede for others, heal the sick and share their faith. It is our prayer that by teaching them these things it will impact their own lives and the lives of others, and that they will walk in them all the days of their lives, growing stronger in faith with each passing year.

Children’s Ministry takes place during Sunday morning church, for children aged 3-10. To have your child participate in this exciting ministry, please speak with someone at the Help Desk upon arrival. For more information, please email admin@faithlife.org.au.

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